Solving the SAP data quality problem.

Our Mission

High-quality data is critical to every organization. Unfortunately, improving and maintaining data quality is painstakingly difficult - especially for companies running on SAP. And that's a problem. Because SAP data builds the foundation for many system-critical organizations. We want to solve this "data quality problem" by developing a product that enables any organization to rely on their SAP data.

Our Research

To build an actually game-changing product, we do a lot of research. And while we can't disclose too much about our product yet, we can say that each of our research projects falls into one of our 4 research areas:

Psychology & User Experience

These projects explore the human side to data quality. They search for ways to make data quality management feel easy and to minimize the required end user know-how.

Advanced Statistics & AI

These highly technical projects leverage state of the art technologies to simplify data quality management. Most of it is advanced statistics, but we also explore the use of AI (to be specific: LLMs / GPTs).

Integration & Security

These projects explore options to integrate our product with SAP in a scalable and more importantly - in the most secure way possible. Which basically means that no SAP data leaves your network - ever.

Computation & Hardware

These projects aim to democratize our product by reducing hardware requirements. Which is challenging as our software stretches the boundaries of computational limitations for most organizations.

Our Approach

In an effort to balance the funding of our research and democratizing our gathered results, we open-source our research 1 year after internal release. We believe that poor data quality is a serious problem that must be solved asap. If someone makes a better data quality solution than Neomir, that's still a good thing for the world. And yet we strongly believe, that it will be hard to overtake us.

Our People

We are a small team of data scientists, software engineers and SAP experts based in Switzerland. We fail quick & move fast. If you want to contribute, please reach out to us via email.